Kiln formed glass with 24 carat gold

37cm high x 46cm wide x 14cm deep

For many years now I have been fascinated by Kinesics, or the study of Body Language by which humans unconsciously transmit and receive non-verbal communication. Human interaction, interplay and movement are at the core of this work, derived from reality, performance and the infinite nuisances between those two states. Often the face we show to the outside world is a mask but the language of the body frequently tells another story and our true nature is often revealed in ways we cannot control. To reinforce the contemporaneous nature of this, Synchronous is composed of two distinct materials, glass and 24 carat gold. However the gold coating is an optical coating, no thicker than 1/4 wave of yellow light and this creates the visual illusion of a chimera. At once both transparent and opaque, both glass and metal.

Photo Ester Segarra