Diorama - Glacial Ice

Kiln formed glass with dichroic on a bespoke ceramic base

Traditional dioramas sought to imitate nature and thereby instil the viewer with a reverence to its beauty and grandeur by offering a glimpse into the vastness and spectacular nature of the world. They were also used to illustrate an environment before changes were made to it due to the impact of human involvement.

The Antarctic Peninsula is a remote and primordial place. A vast and pristine landscape of mountains, calving glaciers, hanging ice cliffs, huge tabula icebergs, sea ice and the deep ocean. Antarctica is the last natural frontier on Earth, having never been inhabited, yet providing an extraordinary habitat to an array of wildlife such as penguins, seals and seabirds. Since 1961 it has been protected by the Antarctic Treaty System, which bans military activity, nuclear weapons testing, industrial development and waste disposal. However there is predicted warming of three degrees across the continent over this century which will lead to loss of sea ice affecting the Antarctic ecosystem and melting ice shelves that will cause global sea levels to rise.

20cm x 45cm x 45cm

Photo by Ester Segarra