Genius Loci

Eight Days a Week

Kilnformed glass

During my residency at North Lands Creative, Lybster, UK in 2018, I embarked on a completely new way of working in glass. I was strongly inspired by the light and space there and in particular, the dramatic skies. The striking environment became the catalyst for a brand new body of work. I began to experiment with Bullseye sheet glass and sintered powder to create three dimensional sketches of the ever changing skyline of Caithness. These pieces which I call ‘Sketching the Sky’ were taken from direct observation and were created spontaneously, in response to the ever changing clouds of the Lybster coast. These sketches in glass really began to capture the rugged beauty and ever changing character of the Caithness skies.

I feel the phrase ‘Genius Loci’ or ‘Spirit of Place’ is relevant to this body of work. Every place has its own unique character, which goes beyond plants, woodland and geographical location. It is this ‘Spirit of Place’ I find hugely inspiring and is at the very heart of my Sky Sketches. I hope that through development and practice, I may begin to capture an echo of the soul of the surrounding environment, rendered in glass, much like the 19th Century impressionists captured the light and essence of a particular time of day in their medium of oils.

Photo by Ester Segarra